The Netherlands holds Russia responsible for a major cyber attack on Georgia in October, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday with a statement. According to the government, the Russian military intelligence service GRU is behind the digital attack.

The attack broke down thousands of Georgian websites, including from governments, companies and television channels. "The GRU has undermined the sovereignty of Georgia and disrupted the lives of ordinary Georgian citizens," the ministry said.

Georgia, the United States and the United Kingdom also announced on Thursday that they would hold Russia responsible for the attack. The Georgian authorities come to that conclusion after research in collaboration with partners, said a spokesman for Minister Vladimer Konstantinidi.

"The reckless and shameless cyber attacks of the GRU against Georgia, a sovereign and independent state, are unacceptable," said Dominic Raab, British Foreign Minister. The US calls on Russia to stop the cyber attacks against Georgia and elsewhere.

Russia calls the accusation unfounded. "Russia has not planned and will not interfere in any way with the internal affairs of Georgia," the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister told RIA news agency in response to the allegations.