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Several users of Samsung's Galaxy phones received a seemingly disturbing notification of the ' Find my mobile ' service, which is used to find lost or stolen phones. Although it might seem like an attack or an attempt to access the Samsung account, it has actually been a mistake without-too much-importance.

Although it is not a worrying message, since it comes from a service designed to retrieve the phone or, at least, knowing where it is, it can be very suspicious to receive this notification. Devices that do not have this tool activated did not receive it.

The notification only showed a 1 (where, for example, the name of a WhatsApp contact would appear in a messaging service notification) with another 1 just below (where the message should be), as can be seen in the Amparo Babiloni tweet , editor of Xataka.

"Today, a notification of Find My Mobile 1 has appeared on certain devices," the company later explained in a tweet.

"This notification has been sent in error while testing the servers," continues its statement. "It has had no effect on the terminals, nor on your privacy. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

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