Inha University has begun emergency measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) ahead of next month's opening.

According to Inha University, 220 of the 760 Chinese international students, who are planning to take undergraduate and graduate courses in the first semester this year, have entered 220 countries.

About 100 of these have been released from self-isolation, and the remaining 120 have been monitored by 20 university monitors from time to time.

Inha University is planning to transfer students from Incheon and Gimpo Airport to the accommodations by using a Incheon-sponsored call van from the 24th until next month.

More than 100 Chinese students wish to use the university dormitory, co-managed by the dormitory. International students staying in private accommodations, such as studios, are monitored by the university staff for two weeks.

Inha University postponed the start date for two weeks to March 16th.

After the start of the course, there will be many ways to minimize student contact.

Classes with more than 100 students are divided into half classes and expanded online classes so that no more students gather in one space.

The lecture time was changed for each subject and college so that the use of public spaces such as elevators and toilets did not overlap as much as possible.

The bathroom installs a simple screen instead of opening the doorway for ventilation.

The student cafeteria and library also checked the heat status of all the visitors and opened the University Health Center to call or report any symptoms of respiratory symptoms such as fever or cough or sore throat.

Inha University Chairman Kwang Woo Woo said, "We are preparing for countermeasures from various angles because the speed of corona 19 is accelerating."

(Photo: provided by Inhadae, Yonhap News)