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Today's Friday news by critic Lee Hyun-joon. What's your first news today?

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

Popular YouTuber 'British man', with 3.7 million subscribers, is being rippled by YouTube's discrimination against Korean language.

Youtube English man uploaded a video titled 'I will not be able to bear YouTube discrimination anymore.'
The video claimed that YouTube was experimenting with deliberately exposing English comments to the top.

'British man' content is mainly made in Korean and 70% of comments are Korean, but Korean comments are pushed back such that English comments with 100 'likes' are displayed higher than Korean comments with 700 'likes'. Appeared.
When I contacted YouTube, it was initially described as an error due to a program defect.

After that, I invited them to the office, prioritized English comments on some Korean channels, and was testing to see if they helped attract foreign viewers. The British man insisted.

In the process, the British men criticized their opinions at all and that Hangeul was discriminated against by the Korean comment algorithm.

Ripples are spreading, but the YouTube side has yet to come up.


To sum it up, I didn't discriminate because English is better or Hangul is inferior, but I tried something to make money. It's like this. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

The next news was yesterday that users were confused by the incorrect notification message sent to their Samsung smartphone.

Yesterday afternoon, some Galaxy smartphones received a '1' message along with a 'find my device' notification.
Find My Device is a service in case you lose your smartphone.You can remotely find the last location of your lost smartphone or set a lock to prevent others from opening your smartphone.

However, I did not lose my smartphone, and when these messages were sent to users who are using them without any problems, I was confused. Some people complained that they were hacked.

Samsung Electronics immediately explained that it was a message error. It's happening because software representatives send internal test messages to users.

Subsequently, it has no effect on smartphones and said that it will try to prevent similar cases in the future.


I got it yesterday, but I wasn't very pleasant either. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

Officials of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare were embarrassed for promoting the government's response to Corona19.

Deputy Minister Hashimoto of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare released a photo of the cruise ship Diamond Princess at Yokohama Port yesterday.
The left door is black and the clean passageway is on the right door, and the right door is marked with a dirty passage. The paper is divided into areas of infection.

But the two doors eventually connected to one place. In addition, there are many foreign passengers who can't read Japanese on the cruise ship. The criticism was that he was blindfolded and blinded by Aung, and Deputy Minister Hashimoto deleted the photo.

Professor Iwata of Kobe University Hospital, who had entered the cruise line, also exposed the poor situation on board.

Professor Iwata is said to have been kicked out of the boat because he was uncomfortable planting the head of the field.

Japanese netizens have expressed distrust in the government, saying the cruise ship incident is a talent.