Hackers have stolen the personal information of guests from hotel chain MGM Resorts, reports ZDNet Wednesday. The news site found the 10.6 million names, addresses, telephone numbers and personal numbers of former customers on a hackers' forum.

MGM Resorts informed BBC News on Wednesday that the hack took place last summer. MGM tells the BBC to "have faith" that no financial data has been leaked. The hotel chain could not tell exactly how many people fell victim to the leak, as the leaked data may contain duplicate data.

According to ZDNet, which has seen the leaked data, there were also celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey among the affected guests. MGM Resorts did not want to confirm this.

MGM operates many large and well-known hotels and casinos in Las Vegas such as the Bellagio, the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay. It is not known whether Dutch guests are among the victims, the chain has no branches in the Netherlands. MGM Resorts was not immediately accessible on Thursday morning for questions from NU.nl.

In 2018, customer data was stolen at Marriot Hotels. Then the data was taken from half a billion guests. These included names, mail addresses, telephone numbers and passport numbers. Police investigation later revealed that there were Chinese government hackers behind the data theft.