Now let's connect Daegu here. We have a reporter at Daegu Medical Center where many patients are hospitalized.

Reporter Sohn Hyung-Ahn, in Daegu, where there was no patient, yesterday (18th), as the number of patients increased, there were news that there were not many people in downtown Daegu.


The public's concern is that many people have been confirmed at once, and that the path of infection has not yet been identified.

I went to Dongseong-ro, downtown of Daegu this afternoon.

It was a quiet atmosphere than usual, probably because of the atmosphere to refrain from going out.

Instead, pharmacies have never ceased to buy masks.

Almost all Daegu officials were involved in corona response and most local events were canceled.

The Pentagon is reviewing postponement of leave by soldiers working in Daegu and Yeongcheon units.

In addition, the entrance ceremony for the Academy of Military Affairs and the 3rd Academy was held in its own event without family invitation.


Many of the additional patients today are at the Daegu Medical Center. How are the patients?


Yes, there are 10 confirmed patients who are isolated and treated at Daegu Medical Center.

The remaining confirmed patients are currently being treated at Kyungpook National University Hospital and Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital.

Patient 31, who was confirmed yesterday, is admitted to Daegu Medical Center and is in a stable state.

On-site medical staff explains that other confirmers have no major health problems.

(Site progress: Kim Dae-cheol, Video coverage: Sang-Bo Bo, Video editing: Yu Mira, VJ: Jung Han-wook)