“Today, Inesa Benediktovna Kozlovskaya died,” the RIA Novosti news agency reports.

It is noted that Kozlovskaya worked in IBMP since 1977.

She led the experiments on monkeys that were conducted on Bion biological satellites, medical examinations of crews at the Salyut-6, Salyut-7, Mir and ISS orbital stations, as well as the prevention of the adverse effects of weightlessness on the astronauts body.

Kozlovskaya was a leading specialist in IBMP in the field of sensorimotor physiology and the creator of the school of gravitational physiology of movements.

She was also a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of Russia and the Prize of the Russian Government.

Kozlovskaya was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples, the medal For Labor Valor, and the Medal of the Russian Space Agency.

It was previously reported that the founder and president of the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences, a sociologist, Theodor Shanin, died at the age of 89.