Until the wedding separates us


  • Genre: Comedy

This view to the core, Dani de la Orden does not care to face a comedy of greater glory of Leo Harlem ( The best summer of my life ) than the adaptation of a play about millennials ( Litus ), going through a teen science fiction teleserie ( Elite ). Now it is the turn of the remake of a comedy of French entanglement ( The wedding planner ), where the filmmaker from Barcelona returns to show off the trade that characterizes his already prolific filmography to stand up a worthy intrascendent amusement without more nods or pretensions to entertain .

an inconsequential diversion with no more nods or pretensions to entertain

Comic situations , especially those of a physical nature, almost of slapstick, follow one another at speed of vertigo , causing the logical narrative arrhythmias, because quantity has never been synonymous with quality. But many of them work, fundamentally thanks to a cast especially gifted for comedy, in which the always salty and effective Belén Cuesta and a Grace Olayo stand out, making good use of the most geek character.

+ Each on-screen appearance of “drunkenness” and disheveled Grace Olayo.- The gags at the expense of wine denote a moot wine sensitivity.

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