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Google has lifted the veil on a new Google Translate option that will be available soon. Called Transcribe, the tool was presented during a demonstration of new projects Tuesday, January 28, reports 9to5Google taken up by the Journal du Geek .

Transcribe will allow you to retranscribe and then translate long speeches in real time. No official release date has been announced. But Transcribe should appear on some Android devices in the coming months in several languages ​​including English, French, German and Spanish.

Internet connection required

Based on artificial intelligence, this real-time transcription and translation functionality should improve over time by learning as you go. According to Google, Transcribe can add punctuation if necessary and modify the translation according to the context of the sentences.

It will however be necessary to have an Internet connection, to begin with, to use this tool because the translation will be carried out by Google's servers. The artificial intelligence database should one day be large enough to be able to do without a connection.


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