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Two 'youtubers' travel through Valencia throwing muffins to the homeless through the window of their car "as in the Reyes parade"


They had to erase the video and give an explanation to the avalanche of criticism. They call themselves Danna and Maribe and they are two Valencian youtubers with several channels, quite exit

They had to erase the video and give an explanation to the avalanche of criticism. They call themselves Danna and Maribe and they are two Valencian youtubers with several channels, quite successful. They usually talk about family, fashion, aesthetics or point to a viral challenge. But this time they decided to change radically third ... and they have dropped the full weight of the networks on top.

It was in the secondary channel of one of them, Maribe , which is defined as a " life coach " and has 73,600 subscribers in its Elvasomediolleno space. However, the controversy arose after the denunciation of a tweet in a thread that headed with the statement: "Classism and romanticization of poverty in its purest form. I warn that it is very beast."

The video is titled - it was titled - 24 hours making others happy! (sic) and lasted almost 16 minutes, but it is a couple of scenes that have especially drawn attention. "Maribe has decided to get into neighborhoods ... well, troubled poor neighborhoods in Valencia and is opening my window, my window, not his and thus giving, as people are found," Danna explains from the passenger seat.

"Do you want a package of muffins?" Maribe shouts, this time through her own window, without letting go of the steering wheel, "There it goes! Have a good day, ciao !" And indeed, throw the package to the street. "As you have just seen, because we are doing so," describes his companion, "we are replenishing the middle bag and take !, distributing as in the ride of Los Reyes ", and effectively staged the launch, in a jovial tone and between laughs.

The two youtubers do not hide their satisfaction: "It's that people light up their faces, right?" Later, and from home, the protagonist of the channel speaks to the camera to take stock: "The truth is that I enjoyed a lot. It's something that I had never thought of doing." He explains that he has especially enjoyed "how radically the face expression changed", and defends his system: "The easy thing is to take the bags and take them to the house of charity or Caritas

"I have a very conscience conscience"

"I'm freaking out, but freaking out at other levels," Maribe says in a response video posted on his Instagram profile. "I recognize that it is the first time in three years that I have been in the networks that really has affected me, and also, quite a lot, " he says, "what we lived and how we did it and with the intention and the illusion that we put it has not nothing to do with the ball we found behind this. "

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"I have a very conscientious conscience," he emphasizes, and announces a longer video response to respond to the "flood of bestialities" he has received since his act jumped to the fore. "Removing two comments that whoever does not know us can misunderstand, whoever devotes time to see it from beginning to end I do not think I can see a bad intention. What we really wanted to do was help people," he says, "does not justify at no time the barbarity of messages and brutalities that I have read ".

"The one who stays at home will be better criticizing than going to distribute food and clothing to people with low economic resources," he criticizes, and argues that what has happened is due to the fact that the tip of two misrepresented phrases has been taken out. " . Finally, and pointing to a mountain of clothes, diapers, baby clothes "to deliver to the house of charity" in his kitchen, he encourages: "Come on, keep up the ball, we are very bad people . "

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