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YouTube has just launched a feature that allows users to access new information about people who comment on their videos. Among these data include the previous comments written by the user on the social network, reports TechCrunch .

Other information available is the online identity of the author of the comment, his number of subscribers and subscriptions and the link to his YouTube channel. So much data that allow a videographer or moderators to identify the authors of repeated derogatory comments.

"Make YouTube more welcoming"

The functionality should therefore make it possible to better combat cyberbullying and trolls. Depending on the activity now displayed, it is easier to make a decision, namely to hide a malicious Internet user. YouTube had already tested this profile sheet in September 2019. The tool is now available to everyone even if, for the moment, only the Android application has been updated.

In addition to its anti-troll action, the functionality also makes it possible to identify loyal and active subscribers, and possibly to "approve" them on its own channel. YouTube hopes this new feature will help users "explore comments, connect with others, and make YouTube more welcoming overall."


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