Podcasts come in so many shapes and sizes that there is something for everyone to listen to. But in which app can you do this best?

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the most popular free podcast apps for iOS and Android. The app has a well-arranged design and some smart functions to make listening to podcasts more user-friendly. This way you can adjust the playback speed and automatically cut silences from shows, so that they last less.

There is also a special filter tab in which you can quickly see which podcast you still have to listen to and what the new releases are, but also where you can create a filter yourself.

Pocket Casts also has a nice Discover tab in which you can discover new shows directly from the app. An entertaining extra is the 'Stats page', on which you can see exactly how long you have listened and how much time you have saved by adjusting the speed or flushing parts.

The app is free to download, but it does have a Plus version with which you can unlock extra functions (such as a desktop app, cloud storage and more) for a fixed amount per month or per year.

Download Pocket Casts for Android (free) or iOS (free)


Overcast has a lot that the other apps in this list also have, such as suggestions based on your listening behavior and options to strengthen voices and filter out silences.

As a bonus, Overcast has the option to record and share audio clips. Handy if you found a specific part of an episode interesting or funny and you can quickly forward it to someone else in this way.

Overcast is only available on iOS and can be downloaded for free. If you want a dark mode, no ads in the app and upload files, you can subscribe to Overcast Premium for 10 euros per year.

Download Overcast for iOS (free)


Castro is highly recommended for the fanatic podcast listener, including the option to create playlists. The app itself presents bundles of shows to you, to make it easier to get acquainted with new podcasts. Castro also has a free night mode available in the evenings.

Are you already using another podcast app and do you want to switch? Then Castro offers a handy introduction screen with which you can transfer all your episodes at the touch of a button. That makes the process a lot easier.

Castro is free to download for iOS, but has a premium option just like the other apps in this list. With that you unlock an Apple Watch app, ads disappear and you can filter out silences from episodes and strengthen voices. You pay 19 euros per year or 3 euros per month for this.

Download Castro for iOS (free)

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict for Android has expanded enormously. So extensive, in fact, that the app may contain some functions for beginning listeners. However, if you look beyond this or do you need these options, then this is a very nice podcast app.

This way you can create your own playlists and also add local files, RSS feeds and YouTube and Twitch channels to your library in the app. With this, Podcast Addict goes a step further than a podcast app and forms a hub for the popular media that you view on your smartphone.

The app also has everything you can expect from a podcast app. This way you can store episodes offline, there is an extensive search function available and you can set a sleep timer. Podcast Addict is free to download and use, but it does have an in-app purchase of 4.29 euros that lets you buy off ads and give a donation to the developer.

Download Podcast Addict for Android (free)


Spotify is a new player in the podcast market. Are you already using Spotify and would you prefer to have as few apps as possible on your smartphone? Then Spotify is a handy option. The app has its own tab for podcasts, so your music library is not a mess.

Many popular shows are now present on the music service and the handy overview allows you to see at a glance what an episode is about.

Spotify has less extensive functions compared to the apps we discussed above, but it makes it easy to discover podcasts.

Download Spotify for iOS (free) or Android (free)