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Defense of the Historical Truth: Ministry of Defense declassified documents on the liberation of Warsaw by Soviet troops


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw by the Soviet troops, the Russian Ministry of Defense presented a number of archival historical documents. In particular, combat reports of large-scale and bloody battles for the city were declassified. Along with this, materials were published on the sad state of Warsaw after the German occupation, as well as atrocities committed by Nazi troops. At the same time, the reports of the Red Army talk about the cordiality and warmth with which the inhabitants of Warsaw and the rest of Poland met Soviet liberating soldiers. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed bewilderment due to the fact that the authorities of the Polish capital refused to hold any events on the occasion of the memorable date.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw from German occupation, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation created a section on its official website based on unique declassified archival documents from the funds of the Central Archive of the Ministry.

“The publication of declassified documents on the release of Warsaw from the funds of the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of Russia is a continuation of the activities of the military department, aimed at preserving and protecting historical truth, countering falsifications of history, attempts to revise the results of the Great Patriotic and World War II,” the message says.

Warsaw was liberated by Soviet troops as part of the Warsaw-Poznan offensive operation. The defense department draws attention to the fact that the list of formations and units involved in large-scale and bloody battles for the city occupied a whole page of the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of January 17, 1945 No. 223 on the liberation of Warsaw. The document also noted the important role of the 1st Polish Army.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense published materials documenting the barbaric acts and destruction perpetrated by the Nazi occupiers, including during the retreat.

“Warsaw is destroyed. Not a single intact house is found on the streets; entire neighborhoods are turned into ruins. There is not a single monument left. The cultural values ​​of the city are destroyed and plundered. In almost every yard there are graves, the corpses of tortured Poles are scattered across the streets, ”the political report to the Main Political Directorate of the Soviet Army and the Navy of the USSR says .

The same document notes that, according to local residents, on Okopov Street "up to 120 thousand Poles killed and burned by the Germans were buried." At the same time, in the territory of occupied Poland by the Nazis, several concentration camps were created, intended for the mass destruction of people.

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In addition, a report was presented to the head of the Main Political Directorate of the Red Army, which refers to the joy and warmth with which the inhabitants of Warsaw and the rest of Poland met Soviet soldiers.

“People greet the Red Army and the Polish Army enthusiastically, spend hours in the streets and squares, warmly welcome the passing troops,” the document says.

The report also noted the popularity of Soviet soldiers and officers among the population.

Warsaw Uprising

Among the declassified archives there is a whole selection of documents about the Warsaw Uprising in September 1944, the organizers of which were representatives of the Craiova Army, curated by the Polish émigré government from London. It presents the testimonies of participants in those historical events that indicate that the action against the forces of the Third Reich was poorly prepared and did not take into account the situation on the Soviet-German front, and its implementation varied with the expectations and hopes of the majority of the Polish population.

At the same time, the command of the Red Army made all possible attempts to support the Warsaw uprising with the supply of weapons, food, fuel, intelligence and artillery strikes, despite the limited resources and exhaustion by heavy fighting.

In addition, from the protocol of the survey of the front headquarters scout with the call sign Oleg sent to the rebels to maintain contact with the Red Army, it can be concluded that the leaders of the Warsaw uprising sabotaged interaction with the Soviet troops, did not seek to seize control of strategic targets and unite the Polish national units partisan organizations. At the same time, the documents presented testify that the units of the Home Army were forcibly held Soviet officers escaping from German captivity as hostages, and also participated in the liquidation of Ukrainians and Jews remaining in the Polish capital.

At the same time, documents were first published indicating the terrorist nature of the activities of the Home Army units in the rear of the Red Army in Poland, Belarus and Lithuania in 1944-1945.

"An acute complex of political inferiority"

Shortly before the memorable date - the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw from Nazi invaders - it became known that the city authorities would not hold any events at the official level. The representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, expressed bewilderment at the fact that Poland marks the start date of the war and at the same time practically ignores the release dates.

“At this pace in Europe, anti-fascists will again be forced to go underground,” Zakharova wrote on Facebook.

Poland is experiencing an acute complex of political inferiority in connection with the historical facts that are part of its national history. Such an opinion in an interview with RT was expressed by the Director General of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin.

“Poland is trying to make itself a victim of two tyrannies. But what is happening in Warsaw is a bad drama theater, bad actors and a bad script. Poland, trying to participate in the process of decommunization, is sliding to the state that it experienced in the thirties of the last century, being an accomplice of the Nazis. And this is very sad, ”he said.

In turn, political scientist Andrei Kolyadin, a member of the board of the Russian Association of Political Advisers, also recalled that at the beginning of 2020, the Polish authorities equalized Stalinist communism and Nazi Nazism. On January 9, the Polish Sejm adopted a resolution according to which the USSR and Nazi Germany allegedly bear equal responsibility for the outbreak of World War II.

“I think that this is due to the long-standing ideological principles that existed in the brains of the population and in the state policy of Poland. For many centuries, she was prejudiced against Russia. Poles focus on the negative and forget the positive. Even when this positive is associated with the liberation of the people from Nazism. For a long time there was a substitution of concepts. But millions of saved lives deserve to be remembered. Nevertheless, this is the choice of the Polish state, and its consequences will have to be reaped by future generations, ”RT said.

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