Stéphane Malaussena and Gérard Luppino, founders of Volumic 3D - Volumic 3D

  • Wanted by Emmanuel Macron, the great exhibition of Made in France will present 120 products, witnesses of national creativity.
  • The company Volumic 3D will represent the Alpes-Maritimes.
  • The 3D printer manufacturer won two awards at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

They had just won two awards at CES in Las Vegas 2020, the largest high-tech trade show in the world, when they heard the news. The Niçois Stéphane Malaussena and Gérard Luppino will participate in the large exhibition of the Made in France , which will be held on January 18 and 19, 2020 at the Elysée Palace.

Founded in 2014, their company Volumic 3D manufactures 3D printers. Their flagship product: the Ultra Supercharged. “It condenses speed, precision [less than 6 microns] and is compatible with more than 50 materials [kevlar, brass, biodegradable plastic, bronze, wood, stone, fiberglass…]. Until now, several machines were needed to do this, ”explains Stéphane Malaussena. These performances were rewarded at CES with the “3D printing” prize.

Stream 30 Ultra Supercharged 3D printer, designed and manufactured by Volumic 3D - Volumic 3D

Composed of 50% recycled elements, themselves produced by 3D printing, the model also won an award in the "Sustainability / EcoDesign / Smart Energy" category. "We want to bring the world of printing into a sustainable and innovative approach," explains the 45-year-old entrepreneur.

Local production

When they were told to relocate production to China, the two managers of Volumic 3D - which employs twelve full-time employees and achieved a turnover of 1.8 million euros in 2018 - made the choice set up their workshop in Nice and use local subcontractors as much as possible. “When we started, we saw that there were no French manufacturers. Our initial desire is to create a French brand of 3D printers. An approach which won over the jury of the Made in France exhibition, but which also arouses the enthusiasm of the clients of the Riviera business.

From SMEs to large groups, these are exclusively professionals and come in particular from the research, education, automotive, aeronautic, defense, etc. sectors. This is how we find Nice Airport, INRA, Virbac, SNCF, the Ministry of the Armed Forces, Engie, Safran, Michelin and even the CNRS, on the list of buyers.

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