He quotes PP MEP José Manuel García-Margallo to Unamuno as a defense: "I sleep a lot, but when I'm awake, I'm more awake than you." And the appointment is good, because an indiscreet camera has captured the politician completely asleep in his seat of the European Parliament.

Leaning on the left hand, with the headphones on and eyes closed, there is no doubt about Margallo's drowsiness during the speech of another Europarliamentary. Among many criticisms for the big head despite the very high salary, Twitter has taken the scene with enough pitorreo: "Margallo represents me".

For its part, the popular has not escaped the uproar and has admitted, although halfway, his involuntary nap: "I am not aware of having given a nod in the European Parliament, but if I had given it that means I have a very clear conscience ". End of quote.

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