Pets that have to stay at home alone for a day can listen to personalized playlists and a podcast from Wednesday on Spotify. These are intended to relieve the stress that a pet experiences when left alone for a while.

The podcast only focuses on lonely dogs. The podcast contains soothing music, stories are told and the dogs hear encouraging and reassuring words. According to Spotify, this should relieve the stress that dogs experience when they have to be home alone for a while.

Owners can also create a playlist based on the character of the pet. These playlists can be made on a special website for dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and even iguanas.

When creating the playlist, owners are given a number of questions about the character of their pet. Is your cat calm or energetic? And how shy is your iguana? Spotify then looks at the taste of music of the owner and creates a 'personalized' playlist for the pet on the basis of all this input.

According to Spotify, a survey shows that one in four owners play music for their pets when they are home alone. 42 percent of owners say that their pet has a favorite genre. And a quarter have seen their pets dance to music.