Sensitive data from thousands of webcam models were open and exposed on the internet, vpnMentor researchers tell BBC News . This includes addresses, telephone numbers and personal numbers of models.

The researchers found a folder with 875,000 files that was openly on the PussyCash web server. PussyCash manages multiple porn sites that work with webcam models. The folder included contracts for nearly four thousand models.

According to vpnMentor, everyone who types the correct link in the URL bar has access to, among other things, addresses, personal numbers, telephone numbers, scans of birth certificates and the dimensions of their bodies.

Most duped webcam models come from North America, but there are also models from Latin America, the Czech Republic and Hungary. According to vpnMentor, the leak leads to a high risk of identity theft, blackmail and "a sense of shame that could destroy their lives".

PussyCash told BBC News that there is no evidence that the folder was viewed by third parties and immediately protected the files after the vpnMentor report. "Privacy and data protection are a top priority for us."