Dragon Ball , Naruto , One Piece , Detective Conan , Dr. Slump ... We have seen many manga and anime characters bleed explosively and profusely through the nose when they have been tremendously sexually excited by a situation. But why this? Is there a historical or scientific truth behind this bleeding or are the Japanese simply crazy?

Well, probably the Japanese are crazy as we suspect, but for other reasons, this nosebleed does have a base, relatively close in addition. It was the mangaka Yasuji Tanioka who is attributed, in the early 70s, this parody of excitement.

He did it in the manga known by the accessible name of Yasuji no Mettameta Gaki Dou Kouza . Immediately this expression became a canon, something ideal to narrate a type of emotion, such as the drop of sweat sprouting from the temple of a character or the eyes kawaii , hyper-large and crystalline.

If you think about it this type of nasal explosion of the characters in a climate of sexual excitement could become the equivalent of ejaculation, in a more refined slang and suitable for any audience. This iconic narrative element of manga imagery in Japan is known as " hanaji ."

We are not the first to ask ourselves about this rare facet of Asian fiction, nor for worrying about whether it can happen to us in real life. Already at the time the media Netallica was good to get us out of doubt asking a true expert, a mangaka ? No !, an otolaryngologist.

He said: "Bleeding noses are probably used to show in a powerful and accentuated way how excessively large is the physical change induced by sexual arousal in the character", and then add that, yes, that sexual arousal causes the heart rate and blood pressure really increase; However, in reality sexual arousal and bleeding noses have no direct connection.

We can be quite grateful to this revelation, it is time to live without fear of explosive bleeding by accident. From now on and forever the blood coming from the nostrils will be restricted to the lack of iron and the excessive use of our mental powers, as we have seen in a large number of fictions.

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