For the same car repair, the price difference per garage can be as much as 905 euros. This is apparent from a tour of the ANWB magazine De Kampioen at more than five hundred garages, where the prices of various common repairs were requested.

The amount mentioned is an outlier. To replace the clutch, the highest and lowest prices of 1,290 and 385 euros, respectively, were so far apart, but the average price for this repair was 743 euros.

On average, replacing the brakes is the cheapest, with an amount of 390 euros. The lowest offer is 240 euros, the highest 485 euros. The most expensive repair is the new tire set and change, which costs an average of 764 euros. The lowest outlier is 624 euros and the highest 992 euros.

There are also major differences per province. For comparison, the average prices of all repairs investigated were added together per region, with Zeeland being the cheapest with 2,095 euros in total. South Holland is the most expensive, with 2,617 euros. Repairs in large cities are also more expensive, which makes it worthwhile to look outside the city limits, according to the ANWB.

The difference is not the same in all cases, the magazine emphasizes. The ANWB nevertheless recommends comparisons. "It is certain that you can save at least a few tens on almost every repair."