On Christmas Day, a group of high school students who have junior junior high school students who are indiscriminately assaulted are under police investigation. He assaulted his victim's nose, saying why he contacted his boyfriend.

I am Hong Young-jae.


After 8 o'clock at night, the girls in the vacant lot begin to kick towards a girl.

The right student bows, but raises his hand as if he is not loose.
The incident happened last month, Christmas night.

A student of junior high school student, received a call from the senior high school student B, went to karaoke with a friend and began to be assaulted.

The reason for the assault was that A contacted SNS with his boyfriend two years ago.

[Basic / damaged student Father: (offender) 'Hey I don't understand no matter how much I think about it. What are you thinking? Continue to assault while asking questions of this infinite repetition. ]

The 30-minute assault in the karaoke dragged the victims out after the end of the hours, and continued here for 30 minutes.

The assault continued for more than an hour and was caught by CCTV in an empty lot, which was stopped by a karaoke owner who saw it.

[Singing room boss: I'm talking here. I'm still hitting you, that little boy. Then I called it. I'm gonna kill you.]

A had a broken nose and had surgery, and her friend was injured for three weeks.

The police are accusing two high school students, including Yang B, for joint injuries, and examining the remaining four students.

(Video coverage: Seol Minhwan, Video editing: Park Athlete, CG: Hyunjung Jung)