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The American company Wyze, specializing in surveillance cameras and connected gadgets, confirmed that it had been the victim of data leaks concerning its users. A confirmation which came after the cybersecurity firm Twelve Security revealed to have discovered an insecure database from Wyze on the web.

One of the company's co-founders clarified that the leak was the result of human error and not the company's hacking. One of Wyze's employees did not correctly replicate the security protocols on the database when it was duplicated on another server.

Between December 4 and December 26, 2019, the data of 2.4 million Wyze users were therefore exposed on the web. If no password was visible, the information concerning email addresses, wifi network identifiers, as well as body measurements such as age, weight, sex and bone density of users were good. accessible on the web.

The data would not have been used

Despite this accessibility on the web for a fairly long period, no case of piracy or exploitation of the data exposed is to be deplored. As a security measure, Wyze has disconnected all of its users in order to generate new connection tokens.

If the story ends well for the Wyze company, founded in 2017 by four former Amazon engineers, this is not the case for the latter. Indeed, recently, it was revealed that a Ring connected camera - an Amazon subsidiary - had been hacked by a hacker. He had managed to take control of the camera and chat with a child. Amazon and Ring are the subject of a complaint filed today by the owner of the pirated camera.


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