Medical electronics company Philips fell prey to Chinese hackers in 2016, who had access to sensitive medical research data, writes The Wall Street Journal on Monday based on its own research. According to the newspaper, this is a hacker group that is linked to the Chinese government.

The hackers allegedly had access to the data via the cloud service of Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE), where the data were stored. There would be 20 TB of data on the storage service, including an app for people with diabetes.

In addition to HPE, cloud services from IBM, the Canadian CGI and the Finnish Tieto have been affected, according to The Wall Street Journal . In this way, besides Philips, insurance company Allianz and Deutsche Bank, among others, would have fallen victim.

For the operation, which is called Cloud Hopper, two Chinese were charged in the United States in December 2018. The two men are still in China and it is unlikely that they will be extradited.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously spoke of "unfounded accusations". If China did extradite, the two hackers could possibly get up to 27 years in jail.