The Dutch gamer Marcel Vos has built a roller coaster in the computer game RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 that lasts more than 135 years. He thereby breaks his own record; in July this year he built a roller coaster that took over 45 years.

If a virtual visitor gets into a cart at this new roller coaster, the Century Coaster, then it takes 323,599,680 RollerCoaster Tycoon days before he or she arrives at the end point, Vos calculated. In human years, that amounts to 135 years, 197 days and 12 hours.

Vos has set a record twice before: the first time with a roller coaster ride of 12 years and later with a 45-year ride. In a video on YouTube, Vos shows that the roller coaster is actually an extension of his previous 45-year roller coaster. With tips from people on Discord, a chat app primarily aimed at gamers, he applied various new tricks and techniques to the roller coaster.

The virtual visitors to the amusement park don't seem to be happy with the new roller coaster. "I want to get rid of the Century Coaster!" Says visitor Angelica in the YouTube video while she makes an angry face.

In RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 , players normally have to build a fun amusement park with exciting roller coasters, haunted houses and bumper cars for virtual visitors. Vos has used all the space that a player gets to build to make his roller coaster as long as possible. To see if the roller coaster actually works, you can flush the time in the game.

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