Facebook has once again leaked millions of data, according to a report from the British security company Comparitech and researcher Bob Diachenko. This concerns data from 267 million users.

This includes user IDs, names and telephone numbers. The majority of telephone numbers come from the United States. The researchers let NU.nl know that there are no numbers with a Dutch area code in between.

The data was found in a public database, which was accessible without a password or other form of authentication. The database is now offline, but the data was available for at least two weeks. The information would already have been offered for download on a forum for hackers.

A Facebook spokesperson told CNET to "investigate the matter". The company thinks it's about older data. "In recent years we have been better protecting user information."

Information from Facebook users is leaking more often

Facebook has often had to deal with huge data breaches. In 2018, data from tens of millions of users came into the hands of the Cambridge Analytica company without their consent.

Earlier this year, more than 20,000 Facebook employees had access to 200 to 600 million user passwords.