Blockchain platform VeChain has lost almost 6 million euros in crypto coins due to a "human error", the company writes. 1.1 billion VET coins were stolen from a digital wallet that was intended for the buy-back of crypto coins by the company.

An employee would have been "negligent" with an encryption key of the wallet. That key was then stolen, after which the thief transferred the VET coins to his own wallet. VET is the Singapore company's own crypto currency.

"This has no effect on the security of our platform and our official wallet on a mobile phone," VeChain writes. The company placed the digital wallet address of the thief, and says to keep an eye on it. As soon as the thief tries to transfer something to another wallet, VeChain is notified.

The South Korean trading platform UPBit lost 44 million euros in crypto coins at the end of November. An unknown person then broke into a UPBit digital wallet.