A new digital police system that has been in development for seven years and has already cost tens of millions is perceived by the ICT Review Office (Bit) as such a risky, unnecessarily complicated and expensive that police have to stop, Trouw writes Monday. Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) says in a reaction that he wants to improve the system, but will not remove the plug.

It is about the 'Operational Police Platform' on which the corps will soon be able to store massive data. Administrative tasks, such as the processing of fines, would therefore be handled much faster because the system already fills in the majority of the information for the agents.

An estimated 44 million euros have already been invested in the system. The Bit says it understands the ambition of the police for digitization, but calls the choices made "unwise". For example, it would have cost 16 million euros to install two applications, while it could have been much cheaper.

According to the Bit, the platform also does not meet the wishes of agents and investigators, who prefer to work with several smaller systems. In addition, agents must master some programming language to use the Operational Police Platform, which makes it "more complicated than necessary," according to the Bit.