There's one more fire news: a fire or black smoke soared and was not easy to extinguish at a plant in Incheon that deals with chemicals. Six people were injured, including firefighters.

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Fires soar above factory buildings, and black smoke surrounds them.

At 12:07 noon today, a fire broke out at a four-story chemical manufacturing plant in Seoknam-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon.

More than 50 employees in the factory were evacuated in a hurry, but two employees were burned to second degree, and three smoked and were taken to the hospital.

A firefighter who was fighting the fire also injured his face when the flames blew.

What you see behind me is the fire scene.

The fire, which began in the factory's three-story synthesis chamber, burned chemicals and gave off black smoke.

[Kwak Yong-cheol / Neighbor Gas Station President: The black smoke is amazing, it's huge. I covered it completely, I couldn't breathe.]

The fire department issued the first phase of response in just 10 minutes and fired 62 cars and 249 people to catch the fire in just three hours.

It is believed that the fire started on the third floor, which was dealing with a highly flammable chemical, dioxolane.

[Song Hong-gyu / Director of Incheon Western Fire Prevention Division: It is currently investigated that a fire occurred together with a flame when a fourth-grade organic solvent was added to the reaction chamber on the third floor.]

The factory building is made of sandwich panels that are vulnerable to fire, and there are so many flammables inside that it took more than six hours to turn it off completely.

Police and fire departments will work together with the National Institute of Scientific Investigations to investigate the exact cause of the fire tomorrow.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong Soo · Nam Sung Sung, Video editing: Kim Suntak)