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[Report File] Faction Logic and Selective Perception… What is left behind


On the 22nd of last month, Kim Hak's former attorney general, who was accused of bribery, was acquitted at first trial. In fact, the investigation started with the president's instructions. In the past, there have been two investigations and a financial decision by the courts, and six years have passed since the investigation, and more than ten years have passed since it is estimated that sexual violence has occurred.

On the 22nd of last month, Kim Hak's former attorney general, who was accused of bribery, was acquitted at first trial. In fact, the investigation started with the president's instructions. In the past, there have been two investigations and a financial decision by the courts, and six years have passed since the investigation, and more than ten years have passed since it is estimated that sexual violence has occurred. Will it be proven, or will the aging prescription be overcome? Aside from Kim Hak's offense, many limitations were noted during the prosecution's investigation. However, because there were several bribery donors, it was not expected that she would be completely innocent. It was an amazing result.

More surprising, however, was the reaction of civil society and political circles after the first trial. It would be nice if the court's decision was at the level of the people's eyes, but the decision was not made by public opinion. No, it shouldn't be. Our constitution provided for judges to independently judge according to their consciences in order to prevent the possibility of judgment by public opinion. The law-making politics, however, cited 'national eye level' as the main reason for criticism, and criticized that "there was no charge of sexual violence other than bribery, although there was a testimony of sexual violence."

Citizens' organizations said, "There is a seriously human victim, and charged with bribery of sexual violence." The court moved to the prosecution and the court at the same time. It is possible to criticize the results of the trial, but the logic of the criticism was a problem. Some of the women's statements made during the investigation, as well as the difficulties of overcoming disclosure, seemed to have never been heard. It accepts only the stories you want to hear and avoids uncomfortable stories as a result of 'selective perception'.
● 'Selective Perception' that accepts only what you want to hear

Why did 'selective perception' happen? It seems to be because 'faction logic' worked. In terms of Kim Hak's former vice minister's case, I would like to know what kind of 'camp logic' is, but the camp is not simply divided into 'progress vs conservative' composition. Since the investigation was initiated by the president's orders, the walls of the camp were struck between the supporters' groups and those who did not, and even if some camps proclaimed Kim Hak's former vice minister's case as the cause of the establishment, Made. The focus was on women's sexual harm, and there was another camp. The camps were subdivided according to the intersection of each other.

The faction of the contradictory or dissimilar information was neglected or criticized as the direction of conclusion was decided by the factional logic. Reports that report limitations or problems with women's statements have been criticized for defending the suspects, and critics have reported that they have "missed the core" in reports of police investigations in the past. After various information had been distributed, judgment had to be reached, but information with different directions was easily destroyed. Attacks have been made on messengers (reported media) rather than messages. This series of processes was led by the so-called awake citizens ('awake citizens'), borrowed from the expression of professor Dankook University.

• Why is 'selective perception' happening?

In the development of SNS and in the media environment, it may be inevitable to avoid the information you want to avoid and to enthusiastic about the information you want to hear. The problem is that if the so-called echo chamber and filter bubble effect are strengthened, even the rational problem is blocked, and as a result, the faction's logic is further strengthened. In the enhanced faction, even those who served as judges surrender or are subordinated to the faction. As a result, the distribution and acquisition of various information is further limited.

Our society has already witnessed this phenomenon. 지 It is through Mr. Yun Jio who used to be the sole witness of the case. Yoon Ji-o is now a target of Jitan, but no one raised a question about Yoon's arguments when he was involved in the domestic activities. No I didn't. The media have been busy reporting whether Yun's comments or actions are being made, covering the credibility of Yun's claims.

Not just the press. The politicians were self-sufficient to support Mr. Yoon, and civil groups, which usually threw me in an objective view, did not hesitate to treat him as a righteous person. The media-related civic groups and media magazines, which used to refer to the usual press, were silent about the media's unilaterally favorable report. Sometimes he went beyond silence to speak for Yoon's speaker. He changed his clothes to a player, not a referee.

The awake netizens simply ignored the question about Mr. Yun as "Jung-Hee Jung-Hee" and sometimes attacked those who raised the problem. Some media outlets reportedly focused more on messenger attacks than on messages. In this situation, Yun Ji-oh, who should have been fully evaluated for the statement regarding the former Chosun Ilbo reporter, became more and more freaking out, and he threw out a lot of words that he couldn't handle.
● Processes and contents omitted under righteous relief

Selective perception based on factional logic. There seemed to be a response to the slogan that looked just behind this. The slogan seemed to be justified, regardless of the purpose of those who sought slogans in relation to the previous case of Kim Hak-chan or Mr. Jang Jang-gwan. `` I must judge the prosecution that wrapped my family, '' `` protect the human rights of women who have been sexually exploited, '' and `` release the injustices of the long-lived nature that has been abused by the authorities. '' There was no one to dispute.

The problem is that in order to achieve just relief, the process must be justified, and its content must have a logical basis and rigor, but it is omitted. Overwhelmed by righteous slogans, the process was skipped, and those who spoke of opposition to a given answer were easily stigmatized as 'negative'. Even though the answer is already decided, I received a pinzan why I am talking about the useless story. What is true, whether there is a basis for the claim, and whether the claim is purposeful is excluded from the concern. 'Idol' Yun Jio was so made, and someone took advantage of her.

This figure peaked in the aftermath of the country. This may have been a predicted result, as the former Attorney General of the Republic of Korea was called Moon's Persona, but the level and the phenomenon seemed to be far exceeding expectations. The prosecution of the regime was reflected in the ruling of the former Secretary of State, prosecution investigations and media reports became a subject of political struggle rather than controversy.

In the process, even those who were once in the same camp were torn and split according to their view of the "state of things." Citizens' groups gathered under the banner of 'Bumjinbo' are also showing differentiation, and those who were easily known as' progressive greetings' are diverging. Those who call out to defend the Fatherland may face an angry face, how dare you compare it, but as the conservatives are divided over judging the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye, later the country is a turning point for the progressive camp. You might be evaluated.
● Redefining the value that is going on when the 'country crisis'

In the reality that selective perception based on factional logic is consolidated, many values ​​of our society are being reestablished. Citizens ranked `` broadcasters who reported their country fairly '' as broadcasters who seemed to have undue reports, and broadcasters who deliberately avoided related reports or took the lead in defending their country. Some camps recognize the place that tells the story they want to hear as 'fair'. At this point, we must rethink what 'fair' is and what 'fair fair' is. Whether we can define 'fairness of sidewalk' as a standard, we need to consider the fundamental question.

However, this concern doesn't seem possible right now. If limited to the media area, it seems that the civil organizations and media outlets related to the media, which should create such troubles, seem to be inconsistent and evaluate the standards of certain camps. Although the media have had many problems and still have many problems, the slogan and content of the 'Press Reform' seems to be being discussed in favor of certain camps when they need them. The report of the facts, especially the prosecution's report, which has been particularly raised in the process of the 'country' situation, is still raised only for investigations involving specific factions and specific persons.

In this situation, 'reformation' is also used as a means to conceal the problem. At present, the Blue House and the politicians are responding easily with the words 'fake news' even for reasonable problems. It may be thought that such a response is more effective than any response because it has become a national mip, but it is doubtful whether it is the correct response as a state body that actually monopolizes information. But even those who have criticized Trump's response to all the news against the word "FAKE NEWS," the current government or passports have not raised the question.

● Prerequisites for Healthy Reform ... Reflection and consistency

In this situation, people who are doing 'giregi marketing' are also coming out. There is a lot of criticism and a lot of media to improve. At any time, if the content of the reform is correct, it should be done at a good time for reform. However, how well can people who ride on the atmosphere of the times and change their faces without reflection or reflection reflect their reforms and criticize reality? If only the controversy on the 'declaration of the facts' triggered by the 'country incident' is limited, the press and reporters who seemed to have contributed to the report of the facts more recently than before are criticizing the problem of the 'declaration of the facts'. It's a comic situation.

Of course, raising the issue of 'declaration of fact' is itself correct. I agree that media reports focused on the investigation phase should move after the trial, where the principle of equality of arms between the prosecution and the suspect is relatively guaranteed. However, it is difficult to lose this shame as if we have forgotten the past. If it becomes the subject of 'giregi marketing', the narrator seems to be out of the category of 'giregi', and because it is commercially profitable in the atmosphere of the present era, the criticism without self-reflection will only increase social distrust and backlash.

The prosecution reform and press reform slogans, which have become more vocal after the "country crisis," are just in themselves. I pray that the voice of citizens will be further enhanced as a developmental foundation for reform. However, the process must be just as good as the relief is, and the content of the reforms must be kept consistent. The use of factional standards, non-reflective criticism for commercial purposes, and the production and distribution of information that reinforces selective perception may benefit the group at once, but will not make our society healthy.

Source: sbskr

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