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It's time for Go Hyun-jun to pick out the hottest news. What is the first news today (11th)?

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

This is the news I gave last month, and it was a hot topic when Asan Elementary School in Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do, offered a free loan to a student family. But suddenly the NEC braked.

Jeonnam Hwasun Election Commission interpreted the provision of student housing as a donation by the Superintendent of Jeonnam Province under the Public Election Act.
For this reason, the Hwasun Office of Education urged that the parents not be able to enter the building in principle, and to pay 600,000 won a month to rent.

Earlier, Asan Elementary School decided to replace the old articles without a tape measure with 19 students next year, so that two households could buy them and provide them free of charge to families entering or moving to another country.

When the news became known, more than 200 inquiries were made and 25 of them wanted an explosive response.
But as I said earlier, when the plan is about to go blank, there is a voice saying whether the NEC is too rigid.

In addition, some schools in Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do or Goesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do have already provided housing to their families.

The Jeollanam-do National Election Commission has said it will accept the judgment of the National Election Commission if necessary.


There will be lots of articles in rural schools right now. Let's move on to the next news.

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

We will deliver the next news. Today, China is also driving fine dust. In Beijing, China, the worst smog has occurred this winter, and extraordinary protective products are appearing.

It's a mask from a Chinese online shopping mall. This mask, reminiscent of a motorcycle helmet, explains that it protects the entire face from fine dust like a gas mask.
In addition, there are products that have been worn around the neck by shrinking the actual air cleaner, and masks that seem to be connected to oxygen respirators have appeared.
There's also a fine dust filter that only wears to the nostrils because of the inconvenient wearing of the mask and poor appearance. The dog-only mask on the dog's nose is also sold hot.
In fact, on days when the fine dust is severe, people who wear these various masks can be witnessed casually.

Chinese people are also looking for a variety of masks to recognize that fine dust is not good for you.

Last year, China's mask industry market volume reached 5.3 billion yuan, our money is 900 billion yuan, up 14.7% year-on-year.


If China exports such masks to Korea, it will also provide the cause and make the money. Let's move on to the next news.

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

Next news from abroad. More than 60 polar bears have recently appeared outside of a Russian village, attracting the attention of the media. Controversial methods have been used by local patrols to prevent bear access.

People fire flares towards polar bears. More than 60 polar bears have gathered near a village in the Russian Far East recently, and residents have shot flares to prevent them from entering the village.

The bears originally hunt on ice, and because of global warming, the Arctic Ocean did not freeze on time, and because food was not available, they approached the village where the inhabitants live.

Residents were nervous and canceled major events that were scheduled to take place in the village, and some villagers stepped up to patrols and fired flares to expel polar bears.
Some netizens blamed the patrol for how the bears could hurt the bears and don't seem to help them out.

The patrol stopped some polar bears from trying to get into town and explained that no polar bears were damaged by the flares.