The prosecution has decided to investigate the eighth case of the Mars serial killings, which has caused "controversial controversy."

According to investigators, Suwon Prosecutors, who are reviewing the review of the 8th case in Hwaseong, moved the suspect, Lee Chun-jae, 56, from the Busan prison to Suwon detention center the day before.
The court filed a request for reconsideration last June 13 from Mr. Yoon Mo, 52, who claimed that he had been `` an uncomfortable oxal '' in the eighth case of Mars.

Since then, the prosecution has been handed over from the police to the old investigation record of the 8th case of Mars.

The prosecution decided that Lee Chun-jae was moved to a correctional facility near the Suwon Prosecutor's Office, judging that there was a need for direct investigation into the 8th case of Hwaseong.

The prosecution earlier noted that reviewing the eighth case did not mean 'direct investigation' or 'investigating the investigation', but as the investigation decides in person over a month later, the background draws attention.

In this regard, the prosecution will explain the background of the investigation into the briefing room at the Suwon Prosecutor's Briefing Office at 2 pm on the same day.

The prosecution official said, "It is true that I moved to Suwon detention center to investigate Lee Chun Jae directly."

The 8th incident of Hwaseong was discovered on September 16, 1988, when Yang Yang was sexually assaulted and died at Yang's home in Taean-eup, Hwaseong-gun, Gyeonggi-do.

Yun, who was arrested as a criminal, was sentenced to an imprisonment in the first trial and appealed for "false confession by police coercion," but both second and third trials dismissed it.

After serving 20 years in prison and on parole in 2009, Yoon formally appealed to the Suwon District Law with the help of lawyer Park Jun-young after Lee Chun-jae's confession.

Lee Chun-jae served as a weapon in Busan prison for sexually assaulting and murdering his wife at Cheongju home in Chungbuk in January 1994 after the Hwaseong Incident. Has been received.