In WhatsApp groups of students, shocking images are shared, such as child porn, nude photos and decapitation videos, according to research by RTL News . The Online Child Abuse Expertise Agency (EOKM) confirms to that child pornography is often shared in these groups and will therefore present a new hotline in 2020.

RTL News has had access to dozens of WhatsApp groups of students between the ages of twelve and sixteen in recent months and has seen that some of the messages contain "very shocking material".

In some WhatsApp groups, members even share child porn, says RTL Nieuws . "Among other things, images are spread of a toddler being abused by an older man."

New reporting point for distributing child porn via WhatsApp

The EOKM also sees that child pornography is often distributed in these app groups. "We do not keep track of exactly how many reports we receive, but we do get one every day. And the police get a lot more," a spokesperson says.

In the first quarter of 2020, the expertise office will therefore be presenting a special reporting point for child pornography that will be distributed in this type of WhatsApp group. The students can report the material there.

"The hash - a kind of fingerprint - of the material is then added to a database. Hosting parties can use this database to test whether material that is uploaded on their platforms is present in the database with hashes of known images of child sexual abuse. pornographic material known to us cannot be re-uploaded, "EOKM explains. In addition, the material is shared with Interpol.

If children come across child pornography in app groups, they must immediately remove this, says the expertise office. It is, after all, punishable material. "Do not spread it further and if it is based on material: talk about it. And if the reporting point will be there soon, tell us."

Decapitation videos and Nazi propaganda also shared

In addition to child pornography, the RTL News also encountered violent videos in the app groups. In it, people are killed and racist and anti-Semitic images or Nazi propaganda are distributed. "

A lot of revenge porn is also distributed in the groups. Sometimes these are nude photos or videos of a classmate, but usually they are images of random boys and girls.

A fourteen-year-old boy committed suicide in 2017 after a girl posted his nude photo on Instagram. According to RTL News , this photo is still regularly shared within the WhatsApp groups.