A 7-year-old child in a school car was cut off. His hands were caught in a broken folding chair, but the vehicle had no mandatory guardians, and the driver didn't go straight to the emergency room.

I'm CJB Lee Tae-hyun.


On the 12th of last month, seven-year-old A had a finger-cutting accident while heading home in a school car.

As the car curves, your fingers are caught in the folding chair.

At the time, the chair was broken and no one was required to ride in a school vehicle for children under 13 years of age.

[Parents: The child is sitting because it suddenly stops spinning and suddenly pops out and breaks his finger in a folding chair.]

But after the accident, the school was headed to the school, not the hospital.

Only after he had released all his fellow students, he headed to the hospital, and his child's fingers were cut off in the process. The contaminated cut at the late first aid was also severe, and I had three surgeries, but it's still unclear whether or not it's joined.

[Parent: I had 4 hours of surgery because my fingers were stepped on and contaminated with garbage under the chair.

The school admitted that the passengers did not abide by the regulations, such as not riding passengers or not wearing seat belts, but they were in a different position regarding the delayed first aid.

[Academic official: (the accident spot) is not far from the gym. I go to the gym and take over my other children. You can't drag all the kids around.]

A parent is preparing a lawsuit against the school.

(Video coverage: Park Hee Sung)