The Jaguar I-Pace receives a software update, which increases the range in practice by up to 8 percent. The Audi e-tron has also been addressed, but not only the software but also the hardware has been modified.

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The developers at Jaguar have, thanks to experience with the I-Pace in racing - the model is used in the so-called I-Pace e-Trophy racing class - made updates to the battery management, the temperature management and the torque distribution of the four-wheel drive.

These issues have been optimized to such an extent that, according to Jaguar, the I-Pace will in practice be up to 8 percent further on a battery charge, converted around 40 kilometers. The recovery of the energy released during braking has also been improved. The theoretical range remains unchanged at 470 kilometers.

The updates can be installed 'over the air' at Jaguar, allowing all current owners to benefit from the improvements.

That is not the case with the Audi e-tron, since the German brand also installs a new braking system with its update. In addition, the cooling system of the battery pack has been addressed. The upgraded e-tron thus gains approximately 25 kilometers of reach. The range of the 50 Quattro version thus comes to 336 kilometers, while the 55 Quattro version according to Audi must now reach 436 kilometers.

With cars like the I-Pace and the e-tron, things like the wheel size, the outside temperature and the use of climate control influence the range.

In addition, with only highway kilometers you get less far than with city kilometers. Both brands have a function on their website to get a better picture of the actual action radius.