Microsoft has warned 44 million users in the first three months of this year about reusing a password. The company did this after a scan of three billion credentials, which were compared with password databases. The company announces this in the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.

The Microsoft team scanned databases with login data obtained through various hacks. This concerns public databases, but also data that is in the hands of law enforcement authorities.

The information in these databases was compared with data from Microsoft accounts and Azure AD, among others. This comparison showed that 44 million people used a password that is in one of the databases.

Microsoft has set a mandatory password reset for these users, forcing users to choose a new password.

In the report, the company warns against reusing passwords. This is because hackers can enter multiple accounts if one of the passwords can be found in a database. Microsoft also recommends using additional security steps when logging in, so that hackers cannot log in with just a password.

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