The European Commission has launched preliminary investigations into data collection from Facebook and Google, CNN reports Monday. The EU wants to know how companies get data, how they process it and how they then earn money from it.

Reuters reported on Friday that the European Union competition authority is going to investigate data collection by Google. Facebook is now also added.

According to the news agency, the European Commission has asked companies about agreements in which they have given data to Google, or with which Google has gained insight into certain data in other ways. The EU also wants to know whether companies have been paid for this.

Google previously paid billions of euros in fines

Google has so far received three billion fines from Europe for abusing its dominant position. In 2017 the company had to pay an amount of 2.4 billion euros. The following year, a fine of 4.34 billion euros followed. In March, the European Commission imposed a third fine of 1.49 billion euros.

Facebook received a fine of 110 million euros from the EU in 2017 for providing misleading information about the takeover of the popular chat service WhatsApp in 2014.