The System Risk Indication (SyRI), an algorithm to detect fraudsters, is the winner of the Big Brother Award. In addition, according to the public, Minister Sander Dekker is the largest privacy violation of the past year.

The Big Brother Awards are presented annually by civil rights organization Bits of Freedom. With the prizes the foundation wants to raise the issue of which people, companies or organizations violate the privacy of citizens according to the activists.

SyRI is an algorithm that determines, on the basis of private data, among other things, whether citizens are at greater risk of fraud without social security. If the algorithm determines that there is a risk, a government is notified.

The system was the subject of a lawsuit between the government and a number of action groups in October. In February the Court of The Hague will express its opinion on whether SyRI is unlawful.

Dekker wins public award for payment profiles CJIB

Minister Dekker (Legal Protection) has won the public prize. He was nominated because he wants to use payment profiles from the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) more widely.

In order to be able to collect debts more effectively and efficiently, profiles of people with debts are made. They are divided into groups on the basis of personal data, after which algorithms divide these people into a payment profile.

A study into payment profiles published in September stated that "privacy legislation limits the exchange and use of such personal information".

"That the minister completely ignores the social importance of privacy, earned him a nomination," said Bits of Freedom.

"Probably not meant as a compliment", Dekker responds to Twitter about receiving the prize. "Nevertheless proud of the fact that we prevent a lot of personal suffering."

I have just received the Big Brother Award from @bitsoffreedom for the use of payment profiles by @CJIBnl in the fight against debt. Probably not meant as a compliment. Nevertheless proud of the fact that we prevent a lot of personal suffering.

Avatar AuthorSanderDekkerMoment of places19: 50 - November 29, 2019