According to the venery society, which brings together French hunting associations, none of the dogs who participated in a hunt in Aisne on Saturday is involved in the death of Elisa Pilarski, killed by dog ​​bites; she was walking his.

The venery society, which federates French hunting associations, said Thursday that none of the dogs who participated in a hunt on Saturday in the Aisne was involved in the death of a woman, killed by bites of dogs, while she was walking his.

Elisa Pilarski "was walking his dog Curtis, an American Staff, a fighting dog (...), which we can not imagine that he let his mistress be devoured without defending it!" However, veterinarians mandated by the gendarmes have inspected the 62 dogs of the crew and none showed signs of bite, "said Thursday to AFP Antoine Gallon, communications director of the company of venery. The boatswain of this hunt, Sebastien Van den Berghe, "has 62 dogs, 21 were hunting, 41 were not there.All were examined," insisted Mr. Gallon, which "completely exonerates the hunt, "he said.

The 29-year-old pregnant woman was found dead by her companion in the Retz forest on Saturday afternoon, in a sector where a hunt was going on. According to the prosecutor's office of Soissons, which opened a judicial inquiry, his death was caused by "a haemorrhage consecutive to several dog bites". Before the attack, the young woman had called her companion to report him the "presence of threatening dogs".

Genetic samples on 67 dogs

Genetic samples were taken on 67 dogs in total, including 62 dogs of the association The Rally of passion, organizer of the hunt, and the five dogs of Elisa Pilarski, said Wednesday in a statement the prosecutor of Soissons, Frederic Thin. They aim to "identify" the animals that attacked Elisa Pilarski. But their results are not expected for several days. The judicial investigation against X was initiated for "manslaughter by clumsiness, recklessness, inattention, negligence or breach of a duty of care or safety imposed by law or regulation resulting from aggression committed by dogs".