Employees of office rental company WeWork placed sensitive customer information online on the GitHub developer platform. Cyber ​​security researcher Mossab Hussein found at least 160 contracts, often with telephone numbers and addresses of individual customers.

Hussein found data from cyber security companies such as Palo Alto Networks, VICE Motherboard writes Friday. The documents were linked in a programming script that was placed on GitHub by a WeWork employee.

Bank details were also to be found in a number of contracts. Hussein also found an openly accessible web portal in India where you could find personal information about people who thought about renting office space at WeWork.

Both leaks have since been closed by WeWork.

WeWork came into the hands of tech investor SoftBank last month after a dream IPO had collapsed. According to investors, the company was worth far less than the original valuation of 47 billion dollars (more than 42 billion euros).