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The Chinese company that has been in Spain for a little over a month is clear who its competitors are. Or rather, your competitor. With Honor offside for the war with the United States and with Samsung trying to position its Galaxy A family, realme (they write it in lowercase) seeks to stand up to Xiaomi.

From the company they do not hesitate to say it and the company's strategy makes it very clear: terminals with ridiculous prices and more than acceptable benefits.

Looking ahead to Black Friday, he has really decided to bring to Spain the cheapest terminal of his current catalog, the realme 5, whose price does not exceed 200 euros (169, and on offer during Black Friday for 159) despite having the company's flag feature, the four rear lenses.

Meanwhile, it seems that the smartphones that during the last month have been putting up for sale, are working better than expected despite being for sale only online.

really 5

The realme 5 is a low-end phone according to its price but with features that approximate the mid-range. It is the perfect phone for users who make moderate use of the phone but want an acceptable camera and who usually forget to charge the phone at night.

The look is careful, with infinite screen and reduced frames and a drop-shaped notch that look on a 6.5-inch panel (IPS / LCD) with HD + resolution. On the back we find a rear that simulates the crystal with a geometric pattern that varies depending on the incidence of light. It has facial recognition, which works quite well, and a fingerprint reader on the back.

The engine of this phone is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor (the same one used by the Xiaomi Mi A3) along with 4 GB of RAM and 128 internal storage. Very good benefits despite the price.

But one of the features that attracts the most attention is the battery. Realme has equipped your smartphone with 5,000 mAh compatible with 10W fast charging. Of course, Realme makes us travel to the past with a Micro-USB port instead of USB C (you can't have everything for less than 200 euros).

The most striking of the new realme is the quad rear camera . Realme already announced in his landing in Spain that all his phones were to come equipped with four lenses, and for now it is (regardless of the price). Of course, the lenses that the realme X2 Pro wears are not the same as the 5.

In this case, it is a camera that you cannot ask for great efforts, but while you use it it is impossible not to remember the price of the phone and think, 'hey, because for that price it is not bad'.

Specifically, it has an 119 ° ultra wide angle (8MP), a main camera (12MP), a portrait lens (2MP) and ultra macro lens (2MP), as well as a front camera with AI (13MP).

I leave four images with wide angle, x1, x2 and x5 magnification.

Normal photo (x1)

2 increases

5 increases

Wide angle

Two expected changes

Despite working with Android, the presence of the realme customization layer (ColorOS) leaves a very, very obvious mark. It is even a bit annoying to have applications on the phone that you don't know well what they are for because they are obviously Chinese. But this will change.

According to company sources, Realme is already working to receive feedback from users and to customize ColorOS to the European market. It is not yet known when we will see the first symptoms of this change, but hopefully soon.

Similarly, one of the problems that most caught the attention of the press in the arrival of realme to Spain was that it only landed on online platforms. Although Internet commerce is on the rise, the sale of devices at physical points of sale still wins in the balance and being present in stores is important for a good commercial strategy.

Aware of this, they really assure that their arrival at physical stores is just around the corner , so shortly we will see the very cheap mobile phones of the Chinese company in any exhibitor. As operators, at the moment, they don't say anything.

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