A vertebra of a plesiosaurus, which lived until 66 million years ago, was discovered in an underground corridor near the village of Sibbe, in the Limburg municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul, writes 1Limburg Thursday.

The bone of the prehistoric reptile with a characteristic long neck was discovered while sawing limestone blocks.

After the discovery, the rock was transferred to the Natural History Museum Maastricht for investigation, where it turned out to be a plesiosaurus.

This is not the first such find in Limburg, paleontologists have long been interested in the limestone quarries in the province. More than twenty years ago, the skull and a piece of backbone of a mosasaurus, also known as a lizard, were found in the ENCI grove in Maastricht.

The skeleton will soon be presented at an international symposium on limestone and flint in Maastricht.


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