The Conservative Party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was criticized by Twitter on Wednesday. That happened after the party changed the Twitter name of an account on Tuesday during the first TV debate between Johnson and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in a "misleading" way.

The name of the Twitter account @CCHQPress was changed from CCHQPress to factcheckUK during the debate. The account description stated "Labor check by CCHQ". The profile photo of the account was also changed to a white check mark on a purple background.

During the television debate, @CCHQPress tweeted messages in which statements by Johnson were labeled as 'true', while statements by Labor leader Corbyn were criticized.

By pretending to be a fact-check organization's account, the Conservative Party has misled its public, Twitter judges. The @CCHQPress account has more than 76,000 followers.

"Further attempts to mislead people by modifying verified profile information - in the same way as during the UK election debate - will result in decisive corrective action," Twitter said in a statement.

The Conservative Party defends the action. According to President James Cleverly, it was made "absolutely clear" that the Twitter profile was linked to the party's office.

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