Tank storage company Vopak wants to use a system that follows every step of an employee with electronic cards and sensors. According to Het Financieele Dagblad ( FD ), the company wants to use the system in 2020 to increase safety.

The tracking system uses electronic cards and sensors that should register where people are walking, whether they are standing or lying and at what height they are.

According to the chairman of the works council, staff are concerned about privacy. "That is very sensitive. Where does someone walk? Is he sitting on the toilet? What will the company do with the data?", Chairman Cees den Breejen told the FD .

Following employees is not by definition prohibited, but a company must find a good balance between collecting data and ensuring the privacy of its employees. For example, a major form of control may only take place if it is necessary and a lighter means is not sufficient.

A company must also carry out an investigation in advance in the event of high privacy risks. It is not clear whether Vopak has conducted such an investigation. A spokesperson for the company was not immediately able to answer NU.nl questions about this on Wednesday.

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