WT: Social, a new social medium started by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, has reached 200,000 users, he reports on Twitter on Tuesday.

Wales has established the platform as a counterpart to Facebook and Twitter. On WT: Social, users see a news feed with messages from other users. The most recent messages are placed at the top.

This is different from other social media that use algorithms. In addition, messages are placed at the top based on popularity, or when companies pay to promote them.

WT: According to the founder, Social never gets advertisements. Personal data is also not sold to other companies. With this the platform tries to offer a different experience than for example Facebook and Twitter.

Another feature of WT: Social is that users can edit messages from other users when they contain falsehoods. Users also have the option to report problem messages. In this way, no platform is offered to fake news and trolls.

Register with WT: Social

Users who wish to register for the platform can do so on the website. This places users on a waiting list to be admitted.

This can be bypassed by making a donation to the platform. This costs 12 euros per month, or 90 euros per year. Wales has promised that users on the waiting list will be admitted faster from Monday.

The platform reached 80,000 users on Friday. Two days later, on Sunday, this number had doubled to 160,000. The current milestone was reached on Tuesday.