The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is going to collaborate with TomTom, the company announced on Thursday. In the Atlas Lab, the parties will use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve maps for self-driving cars.

High-quality cards are needed to drive self-driving cars. With the help of artificial intelligence, these cards can be improved, making self-driving cars possibly safer in the future.

The UvA has been researching automatic recognition of objects in photos and videos for some time. According to Theo Gevers, professor of Computer Vision at the university, that is now "a huge challenge in complex situations such as moving cars". The collaboration with TomTom can further assist this research.

Five PhD students from the UvA will be working in the laboratory on automatic recognition of objects for the next five years. This includes road signs and other vehicles.

The researchers use vans with specific sensors and cameras to collect data. This is used to model objects in 3D, which can then be used to create a map for self-driving cars.