Researchers at VU University Amsterdam (VU) are not satisfied with the way Intel handles a processor chip leak. They say in The New York Times that the chip manufacturer is not completely honest about the vulnerability.

The VU researchers announced details about a serious vulnerability in the Intel chips in May. This makes it possible to read out details that are processed by the processors, such as passwords or credit card details.

After the researchers reported the leak to Intel in September 2018, the company released an update in May. According to the researchers, Intel pretended that the company had solved more vulnerabilities than was actually the case.

"We knew it wasn't entirely true," VU researcher Cristiano Giuffrida told The New York Times . Only with an additional update that was announced on Tuesday, the problems that were solved in May according to Intel were technically repaired.

According to VU researchers, all the vulnerabilities that have been raised with the company are still not closed. An Intel spokesperson acknowledged that and said the May and Tuesday updates "greatly reduced risks."

Researcher Herbert Bos of the VU already indicated in conversation with in May that they were not completely satisfied with the way Intel dealt with the processor leak.