Catalin Aurelian from Elia's Tavern.

More and more restaurants in the city are committed to grilled elaborations, an ancestral cooking technique that hides many secrets and increasingly has more followers. Meat, fish, vegetables ... we present the essential barbecue addresses in Madrid capital and in the Community.

To Kangas By Urrechu (Estafeta, 4. Alcobendas-La Moraleja). The brothers Marrón and Íñigo Urrechu (Urrechu) are responsible for this grill in La Moraleja. The oak charcoal grill gives flavor to the certified beef steak or the 12-year old cow premium steak. Average price: 50 euros.

Black coal

Grill of the Park (Romacalderas, 3. Galapagar). Seasonal cuisine and good product are the hallmarks. Wild embers of the day and meat from La Finca pass through its embers, such as cow tomahawk or secret hamburger. Average price: 38 euros.

Las Brasas del Mentidero (Communication Round, 3. Madrid). In this steakhouse, the recipes prepared by the fire triumph: artichokes or natural cob on the grill, franquito (small chick) with garlic and lemon ... Average price: 45 euros.

Carbon Black (Juan Bravo, 37. Madrid). Located in the Salamanca district, in this dining room, selected pieces such as sirloin, beef chop or turbot are served. They arrive at the table at their exact point after going through embers that always work at full capacity. Average price: 55 euros.

To Kangas By Urrechu

La Chimenea (Sierra, 20. Guadarrama). On the slopes of the mountains and with magnificent views, fire is the heartbeat of this house. Sirloin steaks, beef entrecots or hamburgers come out of the grill. Average price: 35 euros.

D'Madrid (La Venta, 2. Meco). Meat and fish feed the wood oven and the oak grill. Of the first, long-ripe Galician blonde or wagyu ox; of the seconds, bluefin tuna or black belly monkfish. Average price: 40 euros.

La Estancia (Ctra. De Robledo, km 1.8. Finca de Jiménez Barbero, Colmenar del Arroyo). The Jiménez Barbero family runs this direction that worships the meat. The stars are the cuts of tenderloin, sirloin or beef picaña from their own farm. Average price: 50 euros.


Fuego (Bécquer Brothers, 5. Madrid). The offer includes starters such as grilled confit leeks or grilled artichokes. Second, turbot, cod, Iberian dam ... Everything always touched by fire. Average price: 35 euros.

La Parrilla de Colmenar (Madrid, 2. Colmenar Viejo). Ángel Fernández, a butcher by profession, takes care of the grill with care, where the meat occupies a prominent place: T-bone steak, pork chops or secret, among others. Average price: 30 euros.

La Parrilla del Embarcadero ( Embarcadero Promenade, s / n. Casa de Campo, Madrid). On the same shore of the lake of the Casa de Campo, its grill is the owner and lady of the house. T-bone steak, entrails, sirloin ... Average price: 25 euros.

Fire Fish

El Pradal (Lanzarote, 26. San Sebastián de los Reyes). T-bone steak of domestic or imported beef, sirloin, sirloin, turbot or red tuna loin XXL are some examples of what is done in lasparparilla. Average price: 45 euros.

Fire Fish (Orense, 68. Madrid). Owned by the Oter group, it is committed to seafood cuisine, with seafood brought from fish markets of Isla Cristina, Jávea, Denia or Burela. In addition, cuts of grilled meat and variety of rice. Average price: 40 euros.

Rocacho (Father Damian, 38. Madrid). Grill specialized in recipes without artifice, with the product as the protagonist. Some examples are their El Capricho meats, such as beef cutlet matured between 40 and 90 days (average price: 60 euros).

The Tavern of Elia (Vía de las Dos Castillas, 23. Pozuelo de Alarcón). Catalin Aurelian's house offers a wide range of grilled meats, including angus, simmental, wagyu and Galician ox. Average price: 45 euros.

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