Vinyl never stops being reborn. This year, in the world, he should sell more than CDs. And now, HD vinyl is appearing on the shelves, with improved capacity and greater dynamic range. But the charm that we know classic vinyl is less present.

HD vinyl, which will soon appear on the shelves, is surprising. Vinyl is analog so there is no concept of high definition. What interests us in this object back in grace is the big cover, the heat of the sound ... and the crunches. However, HD vinyl is, first and foremost, a new method of manufacture that allows several things: we can now have up to 10 minutes more on each side (we will return less, there will be fewer double albums) .

We can also have a larger dynamic range. If you are a fan of metal music, it should be heard, the sound will be less crushed. And above all, it allows to have a greater fidelity. Crunches will now belong to ancient history. The quality will remain the same from the first to the last pressing, so there will be no need to pay a limited edition.

The first records from next year

The good news is that vinyl will not require high definition turntables. It remains a microgroove, so all the current turntables will be able to read them. It's been more than 70 years that we use the same manufacturing process with polluting chemicals, copies of masters ... It was time to move on to something more modern. Especially since with this new process, manufacturing costs are halved.

There have been several false starts for this technology. But this time, the prototypes are out. And the first records should arrive early next year. Still, they may have made a mistake calling it "HD". Today, people buy more vinyls for their nostalgic side than for sound quality. So we really hope they will not cost more.