The computer systems of the Labor opposition party campaign team in the United Kingdom were difficult or impossible to reach due to a DDOS attack on Monday. This is reported by a BBC correspondent on Twitter.

In a DDOS attack, a large amount of traffic is sent to a server of a website in a short time. This can make a website very slow or even go completely offline.

Party employees have received an e-mail explaining why the Labor campaign systems were difficult or not accessible on Monday. A "large-scale and advanced attack" on Labor computer systems is said to have been reported in the mail.

A party spokesperson told the BBC that no data was stolen, the attack only caused a delay. According to the spokesperson, all systems have since been restored.

The party has reported the attack to the National Cyber ​​Security Center. It is not clear who was behind the attack.

It is currently election time in the UK. On December 12, UK residents can go to the polls. The elections must ensure that there is movement in the Brexit patselling.