Skoda has launched the new Octavia. The model shares its basis with the new Volkswagen Golf and, like its German counterpart, is available with a plug-in hybrid drive line.

The new Skoda Octavia measures 4.69 meters in length and is therefore approximately 2 centimeters longer than its predecessor. The Czech brand promises more interior space, both for passengers and luggage. The boot space of the hatchback measures 600 liters, while that of the Octavia Combi is 640 liters.

Just like the Golf, the dashboard of the Octavia is largely digital. The central touch screen is standard, but is not always the same size. The two-spoke steering wheel is also striking.

Where Volkswagen has opted for the Golf for a business look of the interior, Skoda applies fabric and / or leather to certain interior parts for a warmer atmosphere. The selector lever of the machine now has the shape of a switch.

The central infotainment screen measures a maximum of 10 inches. (Photo: Skoda)

Same engine range as the Golf

Under the skin, the new Octavia also relies heavily on the Gulf. For example, Skoda receives the 204-strong plug-in hybrid hybrid from the Volkswagen and the Octavia shares the 110 and 150-horsepower TSI petrol engines with the German sister model. In combination with an automatic transmission, these power sources receive support from a mild hybrid system.

The 190 hp TSI block is currently the most powerful gasoline engine, while a faster RS ​​version will follow later in 2020. A 130 hp power source on natural gas is also possible. Diesel drivers can opt for an improved TDI engine with a capacity of 115 to 200 hp.

With the choice for a plug-in hybrid or a Skoda on natural gas you deliver up to 150 liters of luggage space.

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