While many motorists will hit the road on the weekend of November 11, some may dream of a system that erases road noise in the car. This innovation already exists, according to journalist Anicet Mbida, who explains how it works.


"Imagine that you can press a button" and all the noises disappear in the car. "It is now possible" thanks to a technology derived from that of noise-canceling helmets, but adapted to cars, says Anicet Mbida on Europe 1.

How it works ? "We put a microphone on the wheels, so we record the noise of the road outside the vehicle and send a reverse sound wave inside the speakers, which will completely erase the noise of cobblestones. grooving, "explains our columnist specializing in innovations.

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To ensure the safety of passengers and the driver, this technology is however designed to hide only certain types of sounds. Horns or sirens are thus spared.

The American Bose at the initiative of this technology

Nevertheless, it took several years of experimentation for this technique to be operational. It is the American giant of electronics Bose who seized it by inventing this noise reducer. And this gadget should arrive soon on the market. "Several German manufacturers would already like to incorporate this technology in their cars," said Anicet Mbida.

Contrary to popular belief, these helmets would not necessarily increase vehicle prices. "On the contrary, it could even lower the cost of manufacturing cars because there will be less need for soundproofing and caulking to filter the outside noise," said Anicet Mbida.